Welcome! I’m Cecilia Sardeo.

All I want is to help you create a life you unconditionally love by giving you platforms, tools, insights and hacks that you can immediately apply in any area of your life.

I don’t have all the answers. And I am comfortable with that.

But I am a consistent researcher and tester and whenever I discover something awesome that I think you should know about, all the subscribers to my projects get the scoop.

Born and raised in the countryside, with nothing more than a passion, a weak wifi signal, a laptop and a dream, I have created different 6 figure businesses in Italy and worldwide, starting from nothing, within a span of 3 years.

After traveling the world and doing the most random jobs to make a living, I landed in Kuala Lumpur, where I started an unplanned career as a Customer Support agent for what turned to be one of the biggest personal growth online publishers out there, Mindvalley.

And that was just the beginning. After contributing to create the next level of customer care within the company, I introduced a whole new SEO strategy bringing some of our most profitable sites to rank on the first page of google. Within a span of one year, I built from scratch a multi million dollar worth of traffic strategy doubling the traffic revenues of my company within a span of 8 months, leading a partnership with Google.

This perhaps made me the single most insightful online entrepreneur in Italy.

And in fact gave me the push to quit and start my own business adventure. Within a span of 3 years, I became partner of the very same company I had once been a CS agent for, and I started different exciting projects, in Italy and out.

In Italy I am currently known for leading online portal in the personal growth niche, with more than 130.000 subscribers within a span of 2 years and growing week after week.

While I am also the co-founder of exciting projects like and

Some curious facts about me:

  • After quitting my job I moved to India to start a business cause I had no money. Starting my entrepreneurial carrier in one of the most challenging countries in the world was probably crazy, but made me so much tougher.
  • A few years ago, I challenged my bosses to get a promotion. If I lost I had to quit. I won and today we are business partners.
  • I flew from Venice to Kuala Lumpur just for a job interview. I did not know whether I would be hired or not. I used all my savings to book that flight. I know, crazy. But also the best decision I have ever taken in my life.
  • I learned English the hard way, while working as a RUNNER (those table cleaners who are not allowed to speak to customers) in a restaurant placed in the heart of London. I was more yelled at than in any other time of my life. And that made me get those English words a little faster :).
  • I used to hate my body and consistent dieting brought me to become overweight. My discipline applied to my constant research and curiosity got me back on track. Yoga was the master who changed my life and today I am a certified yoga instructor.
  • I hate cooking, but I love eating, and drinking a glass of wine here and there :).
  • I am terrible at math, and always thought I would become a writer. If someone told me I’d become a serial entrepreneur I would have laughed my face off.


In partnership with

Mindvalley is a global school for humanity with 3+ million students of all ages from all over the world. producing some of the world’s top training for peak human performance. Mindvalley strives to build the education model humanity deserves by re-igniting the innate curiosity that lives in us all.

My journey with Mindvalley began as a customer support agent. I love what Mindvalley stands for and I owe to its visionary Founder Vishen Lakhiani, all I know about conscious entrepreneurship.

I have worked alongside the company as head of Traffic Acquisition, co-founder and host of Zenward (Mindvalley Yoga Platform) and co-founder of Mindvalley Italy.

As we share aligned values, I’m honored to continue being part of their mission to build the education model humanity deserves, by spreading their message beyond language barriers and geographical boundaries.


Zenward is a unique platform designed to help you build a lively Yoga practice, while having fun.

With world’s leading instructors to guide you through flows, a community to support you everyday, challenges to push you and weekly reminders that bring you closer to the mat, you will experience Yoga like never before at Zenward.

Ceci yoga class is always something that I look forward too every week. The way Ceci teach is very engaging and how she keeps you aware of what your body is telling you is really powerful because sometimes I feel that people listen to their ego more than their capability. Most important thing is, I feel so energetic and feel the change in my body after attending Ceci’s classes.”

~ Oflavia V.

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Omnama is the fastest growing online personal growth portal in Italy. In only 2 years it reached up to 130.000 subscribers who are growing every week.

Without counting thousands and thousands of raving fans across different channels.

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La Svolta School

Omnama is the fastest growing online personal growth portal in Italy. In only 2 years it reached up to 130.000 subscribers who are growing every week.

Without counting thousands and thousands of raving fans across different channels.

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Biz Academy

Webilicious was born from Cecilia’s desire to share her experience with all the Italian entrepreneurs, seeking to build 6 figure businesses and more.

Real strategies exclusively created by real entrepreneurs and successfully tested on real businesses.

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Evercoach is a cutting-edge space for coaches to elevate their game. Here, you can model other successful coaches and more importantly – have a space to create and share your ideas about the profession.

You’ll also have exclusive insider access to thought-provoking articles, insightful interviews and best-case practices that will help you grow your business, reach your greatest level of success and still enjoy the freedom and income you desire.

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Vishen Lakhiani

Founder and CEO of Mindvalley

Beauty, smarts and power in one package. Cecilia is an extraordinary woman. Definitely someone to watch.

Lucia Giovannini

Italian Bestselling Author

Cecilia embodies the feminine ideal for the 21st Century. She’s smart, successful and will show you how to stand out of the crowd without sacrificing your freedom

Marco de Veglia

Legend of Brand Positioning in Italy

Cecilia is an example for all the women out there who want to create a life and work they love while making an impact (Men: she is an example also for us).